Friday, February 8, 2013

Tastytrade (They are the best!)

Tastytrade is a Internet channel which has shows that teach and explain different ways to better understand trading options and futures.

The two main characters:

Tom Sosnoff - one of the previous owners of think or swim.
Tony Battista - (the trusty Bat) former market maker.

They have many shows to help from beginner to advanced traders or investors.
I like these shows (in order);

Talking with Tom & Tony
Market Measures
Options Math
Good Trade Bad Trade
Liz & Jenny
Ask Slim

They have an app for a "fee" for mobile phones that show what they are trading. This really helps you understand their logic and how they react through a trade. The best part (besides the BAT) is all the shows are archived on their website and searchable to learn at your speed on topics that you are interested  about.

This has been the absolute best thing I have found to learn, grow, and understand. No more trials, services, or CNBC for me, I just enjoy getting caught up on important stuff, make a couple trades and be entertained along the way.

If you have a TD Ameritrade account you can contact them for a free membership to Tastytrade. If you don't have TD I think they can work something out for you!...this is a must to subscribe to, it is well worth it for everybody..

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